the game of deliberate knowledge


make a sentence of something you don't like about yourself.
change the pronoun from 'I' to 'he' or 'she' or you.'
say this new sentence quietly, with a furrowed brow.

the game of necessary violence


you are the last fox on the planet.
everyone else is a chicken.
now what?

the game of personal transparency


close your eyes while talking to someone.
picture someone else.
do you notice any change in your patterns of speech or gestures?
if this is not enough, try changing shoes with your conversant.

the game of unwavering faith


this is not a game.
just know that the next thing you hear is not true.
how do you react to someone when you know they are lying?

the game of self ostracization


see how much air you can fit in your mouth.
imagine you always feel like this.
try to do this without anyone seeing you.

the game of watchful dread


consider the most friendly snake that you know.
think of all the good times that you’ve had.
imagine this:
some people out there dislike snakes on principle.
crazy, right?

the game of communicative resilience


try to speak without using consonants.
invite someone you don't know to be your friend.
don't give up until they agree.

the game of bewildered impetus


did you know...
that when you do something and don't know why
it is because you have a cat for a brain?

the game of innocent wickedness


if you get a nickel
for every time you are nicer to a stranger than your family,
how hard do you have to work to earn $3.50?

the game of indomitable credulity


what makes you safe,
what makes you sure,
when all the other cows have been ground into burgers?

the game of aromatic priorities


what sorts of things or people do you rely on?
imagine a smell that would make you reconsider.
please invent and record the name of this smell.

the game of threefold neglect


think nothing.
do nothing.
feel nothing.

a series of wall pieces with accompanying games,
or maybe,
a series of games with accompanying wall pieces.

∆6 Stoneware with acrylic finish